Not a classic Christmas greeting:

As we already did last year, DBS supports a non-profit organization with a financial donation during the Christmas season. With this donation, we are refraining from sending classic Christmas greetings. This year, DBS is supporting the German foundation Mitmachkinder from Münster.

Even though Münster is considered one of the most liveable cities in the world and has already been named the most child-friendly city in Germany, around 10,000 children and young people live here in families at risk of poverty. To support these families, we  donated a fixed amount for every DBS employee to the foundation Mitmachkinder in November 2021. With a total of 1,100 €, children can be supported through suitable free time and after school activities.

So that children are not poor in opportunities

In Münster, about every fifth child is poor or at the risk of poverty. In these cases, the parents’ income is just enough to live on, but not enough for the children to participate in sports, music or cultural activities outside of school. As a result, the children run the risk of social exclusion. Individual support for sustainable development is also missing. Due to often difficult family circumstances, educational opportunities are usually also reduced.

This is where the foundation Mitmachkinder helps: The support programme enables the children to participate in leisure activities. The children are given the opportunity to play a sport outside of school, to learn a musical instrument, to join a youth group or to attend an art course.

The mentoring programme with volunteer mentors also promotes the children’s personal development. Child and mentor meet regularly and spend part of their free time together. Depending on the individual interests and needs of the child, various activities are planned: discovering Münster, going swimming, cooking, handicrafts, playing and romping, making music or exploring the zoo – mentor and sponsored child can do everything they like together.

For all its activities, the foundation Mitmachkinder depends on donations. Only through regular donations and voluntary commitment children from families at the risk of poverty have the chance to participate in social life. We are pleased that we can make a contribution to this with our Christmas donation this year.

In this sense, we wish all our partners, suppliers and customers, as well as our employees and their families, a reflective Christmas season and all the best for the new year 2022.

For more information you can visit the website of Mitmachkinder (in German):

Logo foundation Mitmachkinder