About us

We are a team of motivated digital specialists. We offer a complete toolbox of software solutions for the construction industry: from customer acquisition, technical planning, purchasing and production to the installation and after-sales support. At DBS our customers find digital solutions for every step of the value chain in window construction.

Even though we have started our operating business in 2020, our expertise is based on many years of experience in the digital as well as construction industry. On average, our employees have been working in these industries for more than 20 years. This is the best prerequisite for solutions, that really help our customers and fit their needs.

Our mission

… to enable our customers to work faster, more stable and more cost-efficient.

Our vision

…to become and remain the leading digitalization partner for windows and doors.

Our value proposition

… an integrative and modularly structured digital toolbox, which enables the step-by-step digitalization of our partners.

How we work

Matthias Koch

„Our digital tools must provide direct customer benefits:

they must increase turnover, reduce costs and/or save time.“

Dr. Matthias Koch, Managing Director
Karl Dietrich Wellsow

„With passion and a motivated and experienced team,

we manage to develop digital solutions that are close to the daily challenges of our customers.”

Karl Dietrich Wellsow, Managing Director

Our team

Raoul Iovanut
Raoul IovanutDBS WinDo Imaging & Flow
Marius Keweloh
Marius KewelohDBS WinDo Imaging & Ordering
Tobias Steltig
Tobias SteltigDBS WinDo Planning
Martin Gnegel
Martin GnegelDBS WinDo Planning
Steffen König
Steffen KönigDBS WinDo Planning
Christian Täubel
Christian TäubelDBS WinDo Ordering
Stephan Kunz
Stephan KunzDBS WinDo Experts
Jascha Trantow
Jascha TrantowDBS WinDo Experts
Klaus Northoff
Klaus NorthoffDBS WinDo Experts
Simone Wallmeyer
Simone WallmeyerDBS WinDo Experts
Albert Maziossek
Albert MaziossekDBS WinDo Experts
Thomas Stermann
Thomas StermannDBS WinDo Experts
Christian Müller
Christian MüllerDBS WinDo Experts
Thomas Groß
Thomas GroßDBS WinDo Experts
Nikola Vesnić
Nikola VesnićDBS WinDo Experts
Guido Pracht
Guido PrachtDBS WinDo Experts
Nathalie Pelkeit
Nathalie PelkeitDBS WinDo Flow
Max Benek
Max BenekDBS WinDo Flow
Lukas Bureck
Lukas BureckDBS WinDo Flow
Jonas Vienhues
Jonas VienhuesDBS WinDo Flow
Manuel De Ceglia
Manuel De CegliaDBS WinDo Flow
Dr. Matthias Koch
Dr. Matthias KochManaging Director
Karl Dietrich Wellsow
Karl Dietrich WellsowManaging Director
Bianca Kramer
Bianca KramerBusiness Management
Melanie Lischensky
Melanie LischenskyHuman Resources
Pia Horstmann
Pia HorstmannMarketing


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