The digital chip in the window sash now simplifies the installation processes at the German window manufacturer Walter Fensterbau GmbH & Co KG from Augsburg. From now on, all delivered windows will be equipped with a chip from DBS.

As a traditional company from Augsburg, Germany, Walter Fensterbau looks back on a long company history. The family has owned the carpentry business since 1694. Over the last 50 years, carpentry and timber construction have increasingly developed into window construction. Now, digitalization is also making great progress at Walter Fensterbau. A milestone in the area of digitalization is the development and introduction of an NFC chip in cooperation with Digital Building Solutions GmbH (DBS).

In the future, Walter Fensterbau will install the DBS WinDo Flow Chip in every window. Using the chip, all relevant data of an installed window can be accessed via smartphone or tablet. Completely invisible to the observer, the chip not only digitalizes the installation process, but also the processing of orders internally at Walter, as well as the cooperation with partners and customers. The small chip in the window sash stores the technical and object-related data: This includes, for example, manufacturing date, components used (such as frame material, glass, seal or fitting), associated CAD drawings or CE markings, but also instructions and plans for installation. If necessary, the installer can obtain and view all the information directly on site.

Advantages for installation and acceptance

„In the first phase, we are focusing on window installation. Using the chip, we can do this completely without any paper. Communication between the manufacturer, the installation team and the client is entirely digital“, says Markus Walter, Managing Director at Walter Fensterbau.

Installation dates and orders can be controlled via the cockpit. During the installation itself, documentation is done on site with the help of the InstallationPro, the mobile app. And the final acceptance of the order can also be documented digitally with the help of a predefined questionnaire and sent to the window manufacturer.

Successful cooperation

“We are very pleased that we have found a partner in Walter-Fensterbau who contributes a lot of experience and new ideas to making our digital product even more valuable,” says Nathalie Pelkeit, product manager of the chip solution at DBS.

The DBS WinDo Flow team is constantly working on the further development of the chip. For this purpose, the direct exchange with partners is particularly helpful, because only in this way the solution can be optimally adapted to the practical conditions and needs.

You can read a detailed report (in German) on the use of the WinDo Flow solution at Walter Fensterbau in the November issue of GLASWELT or directly here as a PDF:

Digitaler Fensterchip vereinfacht Montageprozesse [pdf]

DBS at VFF annual congress 2021

The app InstallationPro for installers on site, which provides all data about the installation of the window.