Since events are still taking place digitally, the popular TEC conference of our system provider VEKA also took place via livestream this year. On the third and final day of the event, the focus was on digitalization in window construction – our area of expertise.

The professionally organized, 3-day event took place via livestream for the first time. Numerous customers and partners followed the livestream on the internet. Using the live chat, all participants could participate with questions and feedback actively. The panel discussions were a particular highlight. Renowned market companions had a chance to speak and were able to share valuable expertise.

Summary of the TEC conference 2021 (DBS part starts at 3 min.) [German only]


Digitalization in window construction

The third and final day of the event was all about digitalization. Daniel Mund, editor-in-chief of the German industry magazine GLASWELT, was hosting our livestream. After a few welcoming words by Andreas Hartleif, CEO of the VEKA Group, a first introductory presentation by our Managing Director Karl Dietrich Wellsow followed. In his talk, he presented the DBS as a spin-off of the VEKA AG and took a retrospective look at the development of digitalization in the window industry. VEKA has been focusing on digital solutions since the 1980s and laid the foundation for today’s DBS already in 1989 with the founding of the IT Customer Services department.

Karl Dietrich Wellsow, Managing Director DBS

Digital Tools for optimized planning processes

Steffen König, Product Specialist WinDo Planning, gave the next presentation on digital window planning and BIM. In order to simplify the very complex and varied planning of window elements, the planning configurator WinDoPlan has been available for many years. Ever since then we are upgrading and improving the tool continuously. In addition to new modules such as fixation planning, sound insulation and measurement, WinDoPlan also supports digital building planning by means of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Daniel Mund, GLASWELT & Steffen König, Product Specialist WinDo Planning

The first 100.000 chips – only a beginning

The second presentation by Nathalie Pelkeit, Product Manager WinDo Flow, focused on the chip in the window. Using the small NFC chip installed in the window sash, various problems in window construction can be solved: from documentation and archiving, to installation acceptance and organization of any remaining work, to building management and handling of service requests. All information can be managed, stored and retrieved digitally at all times. This not only saves time and costs, but also offers a clear competitive advantage.

Nathalie Pelkeit, Product Manager WinDo Flow

During the subsequent panel discussion, Alexander Scholle, Sales Manager Profiles Germany at VEKA AG, and Markus Christoffel, expert for BIM and building law at VFF, had a chance to speak and answer interesting questions. In addition, Thorsten Leicht from the German company LEICHT Fenster & Türen joined the discussion via video. As a VEKA partner, Mr. Leicht also relies on the services and tools of DBS: “In the meantime, every window at our company gets a chip,” says Mr. Leicht about the use of WinDo Flow. The advantages of the chip did not only convince in theory, but also in practice. The discussion focused on the future of window construction and the opportunities digitalization will bring. In addition, the participants of the TEC conference were able to participate in the discussion. They could ask questions and give feedback via a chat function. This direct exchange with our partner companies enables us to align our tools and services with the current requirements of the market.

Daniel Mund, GLASWELT & Thorsten Leicht, LEICHT Fenster & Türen

Of course, all participants were tested for the coronavirus in advance. In addition, partition walls as well as sufficient distance ensured the necessary safety on site. We would like to express our sincere thanks to our system provider VEKA for the organization and implementation of the TEC conference 2021. A big thank you also goes to our host Daniel Mund as well as our speakers and participants of the panel discussion.