The Digital Building Solutions GmbH starts operationally.

With the start of 2020 we, the Digital Building Solutions GmbH (DBS), have started operations as well. As an independent subsidiary of the VEKA Group, we bundle all digital businesses. Our goal is to advance digitalization in the construction industry by providing practical and innovative solutions. Our 25 employees are specialized in trade of windows and doors. Many years of experience in the window construction industry provide the best conditions for the development of digital tools, in order to increase process efficiency in the building business. All our solutions are oriented towards the value chain in window construction. Currently, our “digital toolbox” consists of five solutions, which can be used modularly and integratively. For the acquisition of new customers, we offer the visualization solution DBS WinDo Imaging, which is based on virtual and augmented reality technology. The realistic display of window and door elements in the virtual showroom (Virtual Reality) or in your own home (Augmented Reality) supports the decision-making process and provides security. Once the decision for a window has been made, the technical planning begins. For an optimal and digital window planning we offer the solution DBS WinDo Planning, which can be used in BIM projects as well. The next step of the value chain is the ordering of components. Our solution DBS WinDo Ordering is designed for an error-free and digital order process. By ordering via an online shop or via an EDI interface, all orders are processed digitally and all documents are generated automatically. To make sure, that during the production process everything works without interruptions and to ensure, that the prices are calculated correctly, our solution DBS WinDo Experts is suitable. With high-quality and always up-to-date master data of all window components as well as the complete and optimized connection of the window construction software, a smooth production and machine control can be ensured. We also offer digital support for the installation of the produced windows at the end customer: DBS WinDo Flow is our solution for paperless installation and management of all installed objects. The core of the solution is the NFC-chip built into the window sash, which can be scanned conveniently by mobile phone or tablet. The corresponding apps InstallationPro and WindowPass provide all information about the products and in addition, offer completely new possibilities for customer communication and sales potentials (up-selling).