Digital tools for window construction

You are window manufacturer or processor of window and door profiles?

In this case you will certainly be noticing, that the construction industry is changing. New technologies not only change our private lives, but also our working environment. Even in the field of window construction, many new challenges arise these days. Those challenges often raise new questions. Our digital toolbox tries to answer central questions of the window construction industry by offering suitable digital solutions.

How can I effectively acquire new customers?

By making window and door elements a virtual experience.

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How can I plan windows quickly & easily?

By planning digitally and complying with all standards automatically.

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How can I order components with less effort?

By ordering online and having all receipts issued automatically.

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How can I control my production & calculation?

By relying on complete and always up-to-date master data.

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How can I optimize my window construction software?

By relying on many years of IT experience of DBS WinDo Experts.

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How can I distinguish myself from my competition?

By equipping your windows with a chip – making them exclusive.

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How can I improve my workflows & processes?

By controlling all your processes via one digital application.

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Our digital toolbox is modular and integrative. This means you can digitalize your value chain step by step. With the solution DBS WinDo Imaging you can use virtual and augmented reality to acquire new customers. By presenting window and door elements visually you can foster your clients decision and provide security.

Using the solution DBS WinDo Planning you can benefit from an intuitive and BIM-compliant planning software. Various add-on modules facilitate your planning process according to your needs.

With the solution DBS WinDo Ordering you can than process your component orders online. You also benefit from the automatic issueing of all necessary receipts reducing manual effort and paperwork.

In addition, you can use the solution DBS WinDo Experts for making your production faster and your calculation easier. Always up-to-date master data with automatic price updates as well as the complete integration of your existing window construction software, guarantee a flawless and smooth window production. Special benefit: Your individual details are not overwritten and your machines are professionally controlled.

In addition, you can digitalize the installation process, maintenance and support using the DBS WinDo Flow solution. A small NFC chip in the window profile can be scanned by smartphone or tablet easily. Using the accompanying software and two mobile apps, you and your installers and even your end customers can view all information on the installed products. This allows you to plan installation capacities precisely and to process service requests in a targeted manner.

Each solution of the digital construction toolbox is tailored to your needs individually. This is why you can digitalize your processes around the window trade from project to project and step by step.